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Principal - Don Veasey

In 1979, Don Veasey began developing residential properties in New Orleans. Shortly after receiving his Electrical Contractors license he moved to California where he began commercial development obtaining his general contractor’s license in 1989. He has continued to expand the scope of his company (Kal Pacific & Associates, Inc.) to include an Architectural, Commercial Development Group, Property Management, and Commercial Construction groups.


Mr. Veasey has over 30 years of experience in the above referenced fields. Mr. Veasey began his career as a sole proprietor and worked his way to a corporate structure with numerous employees, business entities for each development, and accumulating a net worth of several million dollars. As a contractor Mr. Veasey has built government prison facilities, schools, banks, medical offices, commercial and retail facilities. As a Developer Mr. Veasey has a unique ability to view a piece of property and lay out a plan to optimize its usage. Mr. Veasey uses a vast network of professionals to assist in bringing strong clients to the negotiating table for every project he pursues. Mr. Veasey’s property management group currently manages over 130,000 square feet of commercial property, and manages multiple joint ventures or partnerships for shopping centers throughout Southern California.


Kal Pacific works with a construction superintendent with over 30 years experience in construction, and has a long standing relationship with sub-contractors from the area as well. The Architectural department is overseen by Mr. Veasey with the assistance of a California licensed Architect with more than 20 years experience in the commercial and industrial fields. Mr. Veasey retains a CPA and Legal Counsel to oversee the accounting and legal aspects of the various entities he owns and operates.


With all of these skills combined, the Kal Pacific team is dedicated to offering the best possible products whether in development, business, architecture or construction.

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